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What do you want from your garden?

Your garden is your little corner of the world. If your garden is not what you want it to be, the first step is to decide how it should function for you. In other words, what do you want out of your garden?

  • A space to relax
  • Area for the kids to play
  • Vegetable garden
  • Plants to attract butterflies and birds
  • Colorful containers
  • A space to entertain

Things to consider

Once you have the general idea of what you want from your garden, take a look at the current space and see what needs to change to make that happen. Are you looking to add new plants or just clean up and make changes to the existing beds? Or perhaps a few new colorful containers will provide the color and easy maintenance you are looking for.

Knowing what to plant, when to plant, and how to care for plants is very important. And keep in mind every garden has some maintenance to it. If you don’t keep up with some garden work, like weeding, a garden can quickly get out of hand. Overgrown garden spaces can be, well, overwhelming!

gardening Down to Earth style

I specialize in maintenance and planting for small garden spaces. I can help you clean up, organize, and renovate your garden beds. A good weeding job and mulching does wonders for a garden bed! Sometimes that’s all it needs.

Other times plants need to be moved due to construction or changes in environment (for example, after a tree removal the shade plants are now in full sun). I try to dig and divide and reuse perennials wherever possible in the landscape.

If you love the garden, but not the maintenance, I can help with that by providing maintenance services like regular weeding, and spring and fall clean ups.

I like working as "eco friendly" as possible. For me, organic gardening means pulling weeds by hand, mulching, using compost, following correct watering techniques, encouraging beneficial insects and plants, and when necessary using products like insecticidal soap.

When your gardens are weeded and cleaned up it is easier to relax and enjoy nature in your little corner of the world.

Happy Gardening!

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